"We have never faced a crisis this big, but we have never had a better opportunity to solve it"
United Nations, Make a World of Difference


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Our mission is to support the transition to a sustainable economy and energy infrastructure by building responsible supply chains.

We live in a world of constraints and decreasing carrying capacities, as exemplified by the energy and climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity or the loss of public trust in corporations. A radical change in the way we think and do business is required to supply and manage the transition to a sustainable economy and a renewable energy system.

Stakeholders such as regulators, governments, customers, investors, employees, or media demand transparency and accountability. Leadership in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) matters are prerequisites to effectively manage risks and capitalize on the opportunities related to the transition.

We understand environmental, social and governance change.

ENEMCO helps companies to understand the global and local agenda, meet stakeholder requirements and identify opportunities in ESG. We combine a deep understanding of the transition drivers with a longstanding experience in building effective ESG strategies.
Effective ESG strategies enable our clients to implement positive changes in their business, manage risk and cost, improve business performance and marketability of their products, and build and protect corporate reputation.
We support our clients in:
Creating a deep understanding of the dynamics of stakeholder expectations, regulatory requirements and government programs, and the resulting business risks and opportunities.
Responding to stakeholder expectations for environmental and social impact to create a marketplace advantage.
Benefiting from new opportunities in the transition to a sustainable economy.
Ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws in all areas of operations.

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Why work with us.

We bring extensive experience of working with business leaders in multiple industries.
We build a sound, well integrated and actionable ESG strategy with you: from the boardroom to the machine room.
We know ESG, and we know business.
We give you the power to take ownership of ESG.
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